General Information

The purpose of this form is to allow Watsons Leisure Centre to determine whether you and the towing vehicle meet the minimum safety requirements necessary to allow Watsons Leisure Centre to hire to you. Watsons Leisure Centre reserves the right to refuse hire to you, if we believe, on reasonable grounds, there is a safety risk.
Please ensure that all information you provide is true and accurate. If it is discovered that you have provided information that is either false or misleading, Watsons Leisure Centre reserves all rights to terminate the hire agreement and demand immediate return of the Hire Vehicle, no refund of unused hire will be given under these circumstances.

To enable Watsons Leisure Centre to assess whether the towing vehicle satisfies Watsons Leisure Centre safety requirements, the Hirer must provide Watsons Leisure Centre prior to hiring, detail of the make / brand of the towing vehicles tow ball weight and maximum towing limit. If the towing vehicle does not meet Watsons Leisure Centre minimum requirements for safe towing Watsons Leisure Centre reserves the right to refuse to hire any hire vehicle to the Hirer. If Watsons Leisure Centre refuses to hire to the Hirer on the grounds set out in this clause following a visual inspection of the Towing vehicle by Watsons Leisure Centre on the pickup date, 50% of the deposit will be retained by Watsons Leisure Centre.

Hire Eligibility

The Hirer and any authorised drivers must hold a full unrestricted Australian Driver’s licence or equivalent and must be valid for the entire booking duration

The Hirer and any authorised drivers must be present at pick up with your valid driver’s licence

We do not accept Digital Drivers Licences

The Hirer must not have been refused motor vehicle insurance at any time prior to entering into this Agreement

The Hirer warrants that he / she has not previously being convicted of any offences relating to driving a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs or driving with blood alcohol content equal or greater than the legal limit constituting an offence under the law

The Hirers towing Vehicle must have a current comprehensive insurance policy and must provide Watsons Leisure Centre with written evidence of this insurance prior to hire

Towing Conditions

The Hirer and any additional drivers must be identified on the Hire Agreement before towing the Hire Vehicle

The Hirer must not tow the Hire Vehicle whilst under the influence of alcohol and / or drugs

The Hirer is not permitted to lend or sub – lease the Hire Vehicle or any of the accessories supplied by Watsons Leisure Centre to any other persons

The Hire Vehicle must not be driven onto ferries under any circumstances, unless preauthorisation has been received

Towing of the Hire Vehicle is restricted to bitumen sealed roads in all States. Watsons Leisure Centre will however, allow the Hire vehicle to be towed over gravel road access tracks to recognized camping grounds in National Parks provided that the access road is a dry and well maintained 2 wheel drive road being no longer than 250 meters from the sealed road

The Hirer must not tow the Hire Vehicle on beaches, across river crossings, swollen creeks, or through flooded roads. The Hire Vehicle must not enter areas that are classified as being or expected to be threatened by a cyclone or bush fires.

The Hirer must ensure that the Hire Vehicle is at all times towed in a safe manner according to road and weather conditions

Booking Payments, Amendments and Cancellations

A holding deposit of 20% is required at time of booking, no bookings will be held unless a holding deposit is paid

Rental days are calculated per calendar day – However you DO NOT pay for the return day

Watsons Leisure Centre will accept cash, direct bank deposits, EFTPOS, MasterCard or VISA

Watsons Leisure Centre reserves the right to cancel the Hire Agreement at any time if the Hirer fails to comply with the terms of payment

Watsons Leisure Centre reserve the right to charge the Hirer a $50.00 Amendment Fee for all amendments after a booking deposit has been paid

If, after making a booking, the Hirer wishes to cancel, 50% of the deposit paid will be retained by Watsons Leisure Centre

If the Hirer gives less than 14 days’ notice, no deposit will be refunded

If the Hirer fails to pick up the Hire Vehicle on the Pick-up date, the Hirer will forfeit to Watsons Leisure Centre any amount paid

Bookings made after 31st March 2020 (Post COVID-19 Pandemic). If the hirer elects to cancel the booking a credit only of the value paid will be offered to be used in the next 3 years. If this is not used in this timeframe the amount will forfeited to Watsons Leisure Centre

Liability Deposit

The Hirer must pay the Liability Deposit to Watsons Leisure Centre on the date of pick up prior to removing the Hire Vehicle from the Watsons Leisure Centre premises. The Liability Deposit amount includes any amount covering excess and insurance costs

The Liability Deposit will be refunded once Watsons Leisure Centre detailers have carried out a full inventory of the included accessories and maintenance / condition check, this can take 10 – 14 business days from the return date

Damage to Hire Vehicle and Accessories

The Hirer is fully responsible for the security and care of the Hire Vehicle (including all equipment and accessories provided with the hire vehicle) at all times

If any damage occurs to the Hire Vehicle during the Hire Period, the entire or part of the Liability Deposit (depending on the extent of the damage) will be retained by Watsons Leisure Centre at the discretion of the Manager should the cost of replacement / repair exceed the Liability Deposit the Hirer will forfeit the Liability Deposit to Watsons Leisure Centre

All damage to the tyres and / or the rims of the Hire Vehicles will be the responsibility of the Hirer. All tyres’ punctures, blow outs, tyres shreds etc must be repaired / replaced by the Hirer at the Hirers expense.

The Hire Vehicle must not be altered, modified, or tampered with in any way, internally and externally. Items must not be stored on the Hire Vehicles floor as these can cause damage to the floor coverings and furniture. Any parts of the Hire Vehicle found to be broken, missing, substituted, or lost will result in the repair / replacement cost to be deducted from the Liability Deposit


In the event of an accident that requires emergency services, please call 000.

In the event of an accident involving the Hire Vehicle, the Hirer must notify the Watsons Leisure Centre as soon as possible on 1300 518 083

The Hirer is responsible for reporting the accident to the police

The Hirer is also responsible for obtaining the following details in the event of an accident occurring which involves the Hire Vehicle
• Name, DOB, address, phone numbers, driver’s license details of any other drivers involved
• The registration number, make, model and colour of any vehicle involved
• The name and address of details of any witnesses present at the time of the accident
• The Police officer’s name and station where the accident is reported
• Images of the vehicle involved including the registration number and damage


The Hirer must advise the Watsons Leisure Centre as soon as possible in the event of a breakdown. It is the Hirers responsibility to make sure that the Hire vehicle is secure at all times. Watsons Leisure Centre will not be liable for expenditure, inconvenience, loss or damage incurred by the Hirer in the event of a breakdown.

24hr Roadside Assistance is available on Motorhomes


The Hirer is fully responsible for all penalties related to traffic, toll and or parking offences

Watsons Leisure Centre reserves the right to charge the Hirer’s credit card for any traffic/toll and/or parking offence infringement fees incurred including and administrative fees whilst the vehicle is rented by the Hirer

Cleaning Fee

If the Hirer fails to return the vehicle in a clean and tidy condition inside and out, Watsons Leisure Centre retains the right to charge the Hirers credit card with a Cleaning Fee of up to $500.00

The Hire Vehicle must be returned with the Toilet Cassette empty and rinsed and the grey water drained or a Cleaning Fee of up to $500.00 will be charged to the Hirers credit card


Smoking is not permitted in the Hire Vehicle or under awnings and/or annexes. Smoke odour from campfires or cigarettes could result in a charge against your Liability Deposit

Take a Break hours for pick-up and drop-off

Pick-up hours are Monday to Friday 9.15am to 3pm, unless pre-arranged with Watsons Leisure Centre

Drop-off hours are Monday to Saturday – time will be allocated at time of pick-up


Watsons Leisure Centre will not provide any refunds or credits for the early return of the Hire Vehicle or early termination of the Hire Agreement (whether terminated by Watsons Leisure Centre or the Hirer)

  • All Hire Vehicles are to be returned to Watsons Leisure Centre no later than the prearranged time (this will be arranged at time of pick up) or an additional daily fee will be charged to the Hirers credit card
  • Any request by the Hirer for an extension of the Hire Period will be at the discretion of Watsons Leisure Centre and will depend entirely on booking levels and availability

The Hire Vehicle must be returned with the Toilet Cassette empty and rinsed and the grey water drained. We have a dump point located where the hire vehicles are to be returned for your convenience.

All Motorized products must be returned full of fuel.

Personal Items

Watsons Leisure Centre takes no responsibility for the Hirers personal effects. The Watsons Leisure Centre insurance policy does not provide cover for the Hirers personal effects and it is recommended that the Hirer insure their own personal effects. Watsons Leisure Centre recommends the Hire taking out travel insurance.

Breaking System

All Hire Caravans will have electric brakes fitted


Pets are strictly NOT permitted in any of the Hire Vehicles

Vehicle Compatibility, Trailer Plugs and Loading

Tow bar specifications vary between towbar manufacturers, vehicle manufacturers and road safety groups. Watsons Leisure Centre reserves the rights to refuse to hire to a hirer with a Towing Vehicle that does not satisfy the Owners safety requirements (for example, where the load weight limit of the Towing Vehicles tow bar in insufficient for the safe towing of the Hire Vehicle).

All Hire Vehicles are fitted with 12-pin plug. The towing vehicle must also have a 12 pin flat plug socket fitted in good working order, wiring for electric brakes (if the Hire vehicle has electric brakes), 12v hotwire power to allow the fridge and internal lighting when towing.

Watsons Leisure Centre may assist with loading techniques however, the ultimate responsibility is with the Hirer

One Way Hire

This option is not available – Hire Vehicles must be collected on the pick-up date and on the return date to Watsons Leisure Centre Coffs Harbour. For any Hire Vehicle not returned and needing retrieval, the Hirer will be charged $140.00 per hour travel each way plus the peak daily hire rate applicable at the time.

Release and Indemnity

The Hirer uses the Hire Vehicle at the Hirers risk at all times and the Hirer releases Watsons Leisure Centre to the fullest extent permitted by law of any and all loss to person and/or property howsoever sustained by the Hirer’s use of the Hire Vehicle.

The Hirer indemnifies the Owner for all loss, costs, damages, expenses, suits and/or claims incurred or made against the Watsons Leisure Centre relating to the Hirers use of the Hire Vehicle.


If any clause or provision of this Hire Agreement is invalid, illegal, unlawful or other side incapable of enforcement, that clause or provision will be read down only to the extent necessary to make it valid, lawful and enforceable


In these Terms and Conditions, the following words have the meanings set out below-

Accessories means the accessories supplied with the Hire Vehicle by Watsons Leisure Centre and listed in the Hire form.

  • Hire Agreement means the Hire form read together with these Terms and Conditions of Hire
  • Hire Form means the Hire Form attached to these terms and conditions.
  • Hire Period means the period set out on the Hire Form
  • Hirer means the Hirer described in the Hire Form and includes any additional Driver (if any) described in the Hire Form